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Joe Truss: Principal

Kevin Odle: Assistant Principal of Culturally Responsive Curriculum and Instruction

Jenny Ujiie: Assistant Principal of Safe and Supportive Climate

School Office: 415-469-4590

Staff Directory

Contact Marcia L Adkins  Marcia L Adkins Staff
Contact KerriAnn Borja  KerriAnn Borja Teacher
Contact Elmaneca Cabrera  Elmaneca Cabrera Staff
Contact Corey Capozziello  Corey Capozziello Teacher
Contact Bradley Casenave  Bradley Casenave Staff
Contact Lisa Chen  Lisa Chen Teacher
Contact Mary Chirichella  Mary Chirichella Teacher
Contact James Cunningham  James Cunningham Teacher
Contact Cassondra Curiel  Cassondra Curiel Teacher
Contact Christopher Dale  Christopher Dale Staff
Contact Patrick De Ocampo  Patrick De Ocampo Teacher
Contact Casey Gold  Casey Gold Counselor 16-17
Contact Adam Johnson  Adam Johnson Teacher
Contact Allan Kim  Allan Kim Teacher
Contact Valerie Kuki  Valerie Kuki Teacher
Contact Julie Lam  Julie Lam Staff
Contact Chad Major  Chad Major Teacher
Contact Ryan Mountford  Ryan Mountford (415) 469-4590 ex: 3302 Teacher
Contact Barry J. O'Driscoll  Barry J. O'Driscoll Teacher
Contact Kevin Odle  Kevin Odle Assistant Principal
Contact Bernie Parra  Bernie Parra Teacher
Contact Adriana Pereira  Adriana Pereira Staff
Contact Emilly Rodriguez  Emilly Rodriguez Teacher
Contact Michael Rulloda  Michael Rulloda Staff
Contact Evelyn Sanchez  Evelyn Sanchez Teacher
Contact Lauren Schwartz  Lauren Schwartz Teacher
Contact Chheng Sear  Chheng Sear Staff
Contact Laura Simon  Laura Simon Teacher
Contact Callen Taylor  Callen Taylor Teacher
Contact Joseph Truss  Joseph Truss Principal
Contact Jennifer Ujiie  Jennifer Ujiie Assistant Principal
Contact Brittany Villalobos-Gillett  Brittany Villalobos-Gillett Teacher
Contact De Vuong  De Vuong Staff
Contact Alva Wan  Alva Wan Teacher
Contact Charles Waters  Charles Waters Staff
Contact Michael Whooley  Michael Whooley Teacher