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Silent Sustained Reading

To build ready fluency, raise ready scores, and build confidence, our Falcons read DAILY.  Each student has an individual reading book, checked out from our library.

Reading Intervention

Starting in the fall of 2017, we will offer Reading Intervention classes for students raise their reading level, so that they are at or above proficiency level.  Students who are proficient or advanced will have the opportunity to take more challenging classes such as debate, computer science, and leadership.

Critical Reading


At VVMS, teachers prepare students to build their reading skills, increase their reading proficiency levels, and access grade level text. To support students, teachers use reading strategies such as close reading, 3 read, and read like a historian. Teachers also pre-teach and review key vocabulary words with support our English Language Learners and our Emergent Bilingual students.  Students make annotations to text, looking for evidence which will support academic conversations and powerful writing.