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Parent Meetings

Latino Parent Meetings

Last Wednesday of the month 10am


Chinese Parent Meeting


Tuesdays at 5pm


School Site Council and English Learner Advisory Council

Monthly on Thursdays at 5pm in Library

Next Meetings:

  • March 1st
  • April 12th


Flyers for upcoming events 


May 9th Spring Concert


International Jazz Day Celebration at The Village (Saturday, April 29th)
International Jazz Day Celebration at The Village (Saturday, April 29th)

Welcome Families

Welcome Letter

We are so excited to welcome new families to our close-knit Falcon Family. Read our Welcome Letter here.  We are located at the entrance of the beautiful John McLaren Park. Our teachers are excited to meet you and are preparing for an exciting year of Project-Based Learning and Field Trips. We invite you to come to our school and register for next year.  We only have 10 spots left for 2017-2018 for 6th grade.

Welcome Families

Welcome to Visitacion Valley Middle School. We are proud to announce numerous programs and resources available to our youth and their families. We encourage families to get involved in the school and various activities during the school year. Changes are happening daily and we will keep everybody updated on the website. Opportunities such as the monthly parent meetings, multicultural celebrations, and sporting events will be highlighted. Parents are always invited to our School Site Council Meetings, which meet monthly on Thursdays at 5pm.  Thank you to all our families, and see you soon at one of our meetings or events!

School Events

SF Hotline for ICE Raids


San Francisco, there is a new hotline that communities can be use in the case of ICE Raids. It will activate a community-based rapid response network through  SFILEN - San Francisco Immigrant Legal and Education Network and SFILDC-San Francisco Immigrant Legal Defense Collaborative. 


Call: 415 – 200 - 1548 in case of ICE activity. We have language support in Spanish, Arabic and Chinese, legal defense and community volunteers ready to show up and support. And remember, do not cooperate with ICE.

Weekly Family Newsletter

Our Weekly Family Newsletter has the latest news, announcements, and celebrations. You can find who the students and staff of the week are, and information about field trips and cultural events. Read our past Weekly Family Newsletters:


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Register for Text Updates

To help keep you up-to-date about school news and family events, we use a free text service called Remind. Remind will keep our phone numbers private, while making it a lot easier to stay in touch. To sign up, text this code: @vvmsf to 415-749- 9144


为了帮助您了解关于学校新闻和家庭活动的最新信息,我们使用了一个名为Remind的自由文本服务。提醒将保持我们的电话号码私有,同时使它更容易保持联系。要注册,请将此代码:@vvmsf更改为 415-749-9144


Para mantenerlo al día acerca de las noticias escolares, usamos un servicio gratis, Remind.  Remind mantendrá la privacidad de nuestros números telefónicos, mientras nos facilita comunicarnos.  Para entrar, escriba este código: @vvmsfa para 415-749- 9144