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Dear Potential Partner,

We invite you to become a member of our Falcon Donor Team. We believe that students living in the southeast of San Francisco deserve an equal opportunity for success. Many come from poverty-stricken backgrounds, unstable homes, and with holes in their educational history. In order to truly level the playing field, additional resources are needed. We hope that you can help support our values of Love, Literacy and Liberation. We offer various fundraising campaigns from Bronze to Diamond level partnership.


Thank you, 

Principal Joe Truss

For more information:

Bronze Club

  • Prizes for our Student Falcon Store ($500)
  • 5 Backpacks with school supplies ($250)
  • School Supplies for 1 classroom teacher ($500)
  • Food and supplies for Honor Roll Celebration ($500)
  • New Uniforms for Sports Team ($1,000)
  • School Pride T-Shirts ($1,000)
  • Fitbits for students in PE Classes ($3,000)

Silver Club

  • 3 Charter Buses for a College Trip ($4,500)
  • Reading Intervention Books ($5,000)
  • New Furniture for 1 Classroom ($10,000)
  • New Copy Machine 5 Year Lease ($12,000)
  • Garden Makeover and Outdoor Classroom ($15,000)

Gold Club

  • New Stands for our Gymnasium ($50,000)

Diamond Club

Closing the Digital Divide - 1 to 1 Devices - $300,900

85% of our students are living in poverty and academic enrichment. Many of our students lack computers and laptops, which prevents them with acquiring real world learning skills. The future workplace will require basic computing skills, as well as computer programming, and multimedia creation. In order to prepare students for college and careers, additional devices are needed. This will allow for students to also conduct online research, write essay, and create movies. Students will use mobile computer carts, as well as technology equipment in classrooms, to supplement classroom curriculum and further engage students.


  • 6 Chromebook Carts with 35 Chromebooks - $70,000
  • 4 Macbook Carts with 35 Macbooks - $150,000
  • 5 3D Printers and materials - $50,000
  • 35 Programming Robots - $14,000
  • 5 DSL Camera - $7,500 Adobe Suite License for 60 students - $9,000

Platinum Club

Reading and Rising Up ($144,500)

80% of our middle students 1-4 years behind in their reading. This prevents them from accessing the course content, learning new material, and future success. Much is documented about the achievement gap, however, we have selected literacy as the true gatekeeper. In order to intervene, we would like to create supplemental reading recovery courses. Students will be able to make 2 years gain within 1 year, eventually graduating from middle school, reading at grade level. Through the purchase of reading intervention kits, the creation of classroom libraries, and the hiring of reading support staff, we can make a difference.

Material and Personnel:

  • 4 Reading Intervention Kits - $22,000
  • 30 Classroom Libraries - $22,500
  • Part time reading intervention assistants - $100,000
  • Book Prizes - $3,000

Trauma and Healing through Hip Hop

Trauma Healing through Hip Hop ($261,500)

Due to the early and consistent exposure to violence, poverty, and food scarcity, our students have experienced a great deal of trauma. This toxic level of stress is a constant barrier to learning, relationship building, and academic achievement. One method of healing is through the creation and sharing of music. Many of our students are fans of, consumers of, and producers of hip hop music. Through the creation of a hip hop elective, creation of a hip hop elective, and hiring of an instructor.

Materials and Personnel:

  • 15 Macbooks - $22,500
  • 15 iMacs - $32,000
  • 30 copies of audio engineering software - $9,000
  • 30 midi keyboards - $3,000
  • 15 MPC drum machines - $3,000
  • Equipment for Recording Studio - $2,000
  • 1 full time instructor for 2 years - $200,000

21st Century Learning Environment

21 Century Learning Environments ($384,000)

The nation and workplace has changed in the past 50 years. Students now need to be prepared to work in groups, collaborate, and present ideas. Although the expectations of professional have changed, classrooms have roughly remained the same. Students still sit in rows of individual desks, spend much of their time listening to lectures, and work out of textbooks. School in better neighborhoods as well as in more affluent suburbs have already adapted. However, our students are using uninspiring furniture that are decades old. Our young students would benefit from new furniture that is conducive to group projects, discussion, and direct instruction. Students will be excited to enter their classroom each day and teachers will prepare more dynamic, differentiated lessons.


  • Furniture for 30 classrooms (Desks, chairs, tables, comfortable seating) - $300,000
  • 24 Interactive Whiteboards - $84,000


Salesforce Support

We feel very fortunate to have Salesforce as our Circle of Schools Partner at VVMS.

Each month, Salesforce volunteers help improve our school and support our students and staff. We also are lucky to receive a Principal's Innovation Fund grant, to stimulate development at VVMS!

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