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Politics and Social Justice

SF Examiner - Visitacion Valley Middle School students returning to school on Monday were preoccupied with a mid-morning solar eclipse, but their teachers set a more serious tone for tolerance in the upcoming school year. (full story here)

Saving the Bees

Honeybees at our school


Two honey bee hives were installed on the roof of Visitacion Valley Middle School. Full Article here

Meditation Transformation

"Silence isn't something people usually associate with middle school, but twice a day the halls of Visitacion Valley School in San Francisco fall quiet as the sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students meditate for fifteen minutes."
Full NBC news article here

Quiet Time

In the first year of Quiet Time suspensions at Visitacion Valley – which has 500 students aged 11-13 – we reduced by 45%. By 2009-10, attendance rates were over 98% (some of the highest in the city), and today 20% of graduates are admitted to the highly academic Lowell High School – before it was rare for even one student to be accepted. Full SF Guardian Article here

Salesforce Donations and School Transformation

"At Visitacion Valley, two years and $200,000 since Truss first went shopping, the teachers’ lounge looks like a hip cafe with coffeemakers, microwaves and couches. Down the hall, there’s an activity room — often tapped as a reward for students — featuring a pingpong table, foosball and air hockey. In many classrooms, old-fashioned rows have given way to clusters of oddly shaped tables that fit together like puzzle pieces, surrounded by a few standing desks." - SF Chronicle full article here


Superintendent Article about VVMS

"Willie Brown Middle School, Dr. Martin Luther King Middle School and Visitacion Valley Middle School are now implementing some of these changes. Sixth graders there are engaging in more personalized, project-based learning than ever before. Their teachers are collaborating with principals and central office to make sure these changes are working for students." Dr. Matthews via the SF Examiner (full article here)

Mayor and Superintendent visit VVMS

On the first day of school, Superintendent Matthews, Mayor Ed Lee, and Commissioner Hydra Mendoza came to visit VVMS on the first day of school. They were impressed with our beautiful campus, our happy students, and new classrooms. Our guests came to see our New Tech Network classrooms. See their tweets here.

Innovating our Classrooms

Mantras Before Math Class -The Atlantic

"On last year’s California Healthy Kids Survey, Visitacion Valley scored higher for happiness than any other school in San Francisco, including much more affluent ones. “A prime source of happiness at Visitation Valley is Quiet Time, a stress reduction program used at several Bay Area middle and high schools,” reported the research agency WestEd, which develops and administers the survey for the California Department of Education." Read the full article in the Atlantic here.


Ultimate Frisbee