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Our Events

  • Halloween Celebration
  • Drive-in movies with popcorn
  • Harry Potter Day
  • Staff/Student Basketball Game
  • Valentine's Dance

Falcon Fun List

About Falcon Fun

There are many opportunities to have fun, celebrate, and recognize hard work. To participate, our students must demonstrate our School Values: Safety, Responsibility, and Respect.

When students misbehave, lose class time, and harm others they are not demonstrating our School Values, and as a result, they will lose the opportunities to enjoy the fun activities at our school.

What is on the Fun List?

  • Playing sports (games and practice) 
  • Field Trips
  • Falcon Attack (field day)
  • R.O.C.K. Dances, Special Events and Field Trips, and Sports (flag football, basketball)
  • R.O.C.K SALT field trips
  • Rallies and Special Assemblies
  • Falcon Spirit Rewards
  • Rewards and Honors Certificates
  • Graduation

How are students removed from the Fun List?

  • 6 unexcused tardies/in hall without a pass
  • 2 unexcused absences
  • 2 Behavior Referrals (hallways, outside, lunch, after school)
  • 2 Ds or Fs on School Loop
  • 2 Unsatisfactory Citizenship Grades
  • 1 Suspension
  • Quiet Time disruption instead of participation 

What if you are removed from the Fun List?

  • Parents are contacted
  • Student meets with counselor during lunch or afterschool
  • Student begins seeing counselor on an ongoing basis during lunch and afterschool (participate in JASP program)
  • Student must earn their name back on the Falcon Fun List
  • Student will use Lunch and Afterschool time to earn their name back on the list
  • Student must report to Saturday School if their behavior does not change

What if the negative student behavior or actions continue while ineligible?

  • Parent Conference
  • SAP and Interventions
  • Counseling Conference

How do students earn their name back on the Falcon Fun List?

Students can return to the Falcon Fun List by successfully completing “Eligibility Service” and/or Restorative Actions, including:

  • 1 week of improvement, in the area where they struggled
  • Volunteering in the office for 3 days after school
  • Standards Based Projects approved by a teacher (ROCK)
  • Helping Mr. Beltran organize sports games during lunch for 3 days
  • Attending Breakfast Club Tutoring with Mr. Rodriguez for 3 days
  • Completion of academic packets approved by Counselors or Teachers (ROCK)
  • Completion of a Powerpoint and presenting it to 3 homerooms
  • Tutoring or mentoring of students at Visitacion Valley Elementary for 3 days
  • If a person is harmed, all Restorative Actions are required (Personal Reflection, Relational Closure, Address Community)

Falcon Fun Events

Halloween Celebration

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8th Grade Snow Trip

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6th Grade BBQ

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