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School Expectations

What We Expect

At Visitacion Valley Middle School, our Falcons are expected to be respectful, safe, and responsible. This makes everyone feel happy and prepares students to learn. We need all students help to keep our school a safe and supportive place.  Students are rewarded for their actions, through falcon claws, honor roll breakfasts, and raffles. Students also can be selected to be the Student of the Month, and their homeroom can win the Homeroom Award each month.




Electronics Policy

If students are using electronics at any time in the school building or during Physical Education (including phones, tablets, headphones, game devices, etc.), teachers will:

  1. Remind the student of the Off and Away policy and allow him/her the opportunity to self correct.

  2. Use P.R.OM.P.T. to allow students time to refocus attention on appropriate classroom tasks.

  3. Contact a parent if the item becomes an ongoing distraction to student learning.

  4. Confiscate the item only if absolutely necessary, turn into counseling (labeled with student’s name) if you do not have a place to secure it in your classroom. No “snatching!”

  5. Items will be returned:

    1. 1st time- At the end of the period

    2. 2nd time- At the end of the day

    3. 3rd time- After conversation or conference with the student’s family

Learn more about the Visitacion Valley Middle School Uniform and Electronics Policy

Dress Code Policy

If students are out of dress code, teachers will:

  1. Contact counseling and send the student to change clothes (admin and counseling will provide or arrange for a student to obtain).

  2. Call home a student’s disregard for dress code is consistent/chronic; ensure that families understand that dress code impacts citizenship grades and participation in extracurricular activities.

  3. Communicate with grade level counselor to determine whether a family conference or other interventions and supports are needed.

Learn more about the Visitacion Valley Middle School Uniform and Electronics Policy

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Hallway Expectations