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Pick you High School


Preparing students for the critical transition to high school is important. Spark’s interactive online tool, the Pathfinder, helps Visitación Valley Middle School students explore San Francisco high school programs in a simple and clear way. Click here to create your account and find schools that are the right fit for you.



Counseling Department


Counseling Services

  • Academic Support

  • Tutoring Referrals

  • 1 on 1 Counseling

  • Mediations

  • Goal Setting

  • Push In and Pull Out Services

  • Social Emotional Learning

  • High School Application Process Support

Tutoring Support


  • Math with Mountford and De Ocampo
  • English with Sanchez

After School Tutoring

  • Mountford
  • De Ocampo
  • Knight
  • Chirichella
  • Lee
  • Snyder
  • Williams
  • Sear
  • ROCK everyday

To sign up, talk to any counselor or the specific teacher


6th Grade Counselor - Ms. Cabrera 

Consajera de Sexto Grado - Sra. Cabrera



7th Grade and Newcomer Counselor - Mr. Dale 

Consajero de Séptimo Grado y Recien Llegados - Sr. Dale (se habla español)


8th Grade Counselor - Ms. Gold

Consajera de Octavo Grado - Sra. Gold (se habla español)