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Featured Instructional Partner Zaretta Hammond is working with our individual teachers and Instructional Leadership Team.


Culturally Responsive Teaching

What We Teach

Inspired by educational research, VVMS strives to use Culturally Responsive Teaching.  Zaretta Hammond (2015) defines this as: "Using relationship and social emotional learning to create a safe space for students," and "Using knowledge of students’ culture as a scaffold to teach new concepts through techniques that promote rigorous learning." Our teachers are working to create engaging, rigorous, and relevant curriculum. In the classroom, students are moving, talking with their partners, and making connections between their content and their lives.  

Spotlight Teacher

Michael Whooley

Michael Whooley, 8th Grade History Teacher works hard to make his content culturally responsive. Students are learning about the socio-political context during the Colonial era in the United States. Students are exploring concepts of white oppression and black liberation, as well as the treatment of women during history.  In addition, Mr. Whooley leads his students in gallery walks, table conversations, and interactive simulations. Students discuss the validity of the "American Dream," and how far we have come. Students are making connections between the injustices in their lives with the injustices experienced by american colonists.  

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Resources: Books, Articles, Partners

Mindset and Philosophy

  1. Singleton’s Courageous Conversations about Race
  2. Steele’s Whistling Vivaldi
  3. C&I Racial Equity Series
  4. SFCESS Institutes
  5. National Equity Project Workshops

Instruction, Pedagogy, Teaching Style

  1. Hammond’s CRT and the Brain
  2. Hollie’s Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching
  3. Zwier’s Structured Student Interactions
  4. Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Curriculum and Planning

  1. Zaretta’s Lesson Plan Template
  2. Andrade's Critical Pedagogy
  3. Project Based Learning
  4. Understanding by Design
  5. Emdin’s For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood
  6. Rethinking Schools Publications and Manual