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VVMS Mission

Our diverse and unique students will develop strong, long-lasting academic knowledge along with the social and emotional skills, that will allow all to be successful in high school and beyond.

About Our School

Our School Vision

VVMS administrators, teachers, staff, and community are committed to our school mission, and the continuous advancement of student academic success and learning by providing the following: 


  • An engaging, relevant and rigorous curriculum that provides equitable and varied learning opportunities, develops and builds student confidence and supports academic success 
  • Curriculum created through staff collaboration and differentiated for a diversity of learning styles and student background 
  • Incorporation of student wellness focused resources, and Quiet Time, to improve academic outcomes and create a safe and effective learning environment


  • Clearly defined and communicated behavioral expectations supported by consistently implemented consequences 
  • Classes that are structured and sized to meet the multiple needs of each student
  • An environment that invites and engages parents and community members, to support student learning


  • An inviting, safe and respectful community that values the diversity and cultures of our students
  • Positive, proactive and restorative strategies to support academics and behavior


  • Comprehensive support and interventions necessary for students to meet the academic and behavioral expectations 
  • Access to current technology
  • Enriching opportunities that are tied to student interests and create a fun and engaging learning environment
  • Structured time for teacher and staff collaboration and professional development

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Love, Literacy, and Liberation

To achieve our mission and vision, we focus on three areas: Love, Literacy, and Liberation.

  1. We believe that Love is the foundation to any learning environment. This is created through community building, celebrating success, and the use of restorative practices. We want our teachers to not only know our students' names but understand their stories as well. We want our students to feel comfortable at our school to take academic risks and form relationships.  Learn more about our community building here.

  2. We believe that Literacy is the tool for students to learn to teach themselves, a valuable skill in High School and Higher Education. We want to develop students mathematical, digital, and media literacy. This includes improving their reading fluency and comprehension, as well as their writing skills. We plan to improve our use of reading strategies and writing coaching to develop literacy.

  3. Lastly, we believe that Love and Literacy will equip our students with the skills to liberate themselves and eventually support their liberation of their communities. We want our students to investigate social inequities and injustices, especially those that affect them, in order to explore ways to address them. We want to prepare our teachers to use culturally/linguistically relevant teaching to support our students. We want our classrooms to apply to the real world and solve real world issues.  We believe student movement and student talk are a way to liberate learning in the classroom.